Glue Stone Stickers (Pack of 48)

Glue Stone Stickers (Pack of 48)

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Our Handy Glue Stone Toppers are Quick, Neat and Hygienic. We've been using these glue stone stickers in our training centres for a long time and once our students try them they are automatically hooked due to their ease of use and how simple they make the set up process for each application. Simply apply a new topper on your glue stone before each treatment and peel off when you're finished. They save time cleaning old glue from the stone and avoid any chance of affecting the glue with remover or old adhesive. Some use masking tape but you'll probably find that glue starts to soak into the tape after a while and starts to polymerise, wasting glue. We really like these little stickers, they're neat and they save both time and glue, give them a try and we are sure that you will love them just as much as we do! Sold in packs of 48 stickers. Made in the UK. Glue stone not included.

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