About ORLY Modern French Manicure

From the day that ORLY founder, Jeff Pink, created the Original French Manicure, ORLY has been evolving the look based on fashion and beauty trends. Discover completely re-imagined twists on the pink and white classic nail look. Today a French Manicure comes in all guises, from multi-coloured tips, bold black and white designs, negative space to 3D textures. Blurred lines, asymmetrical tips, accentuated cuticles and even tip piercings and textures are used to bring this classical look right into the 21st Century.

The ORLY Vintage French

A timeless nail look for the glamorous sophisticated (or wannabe), the ORLY Vintage French: as classic as a red lip, winged eye and the iconic Chanel bag. Wear from the office and into the night, this look goes with any outfit * as long as it’s black). 

The ORLY Metallic French

A 21st Century Twist on this classic mani, the ORLY Metallic French adds a metallic tip or cuticle moon for a real statement nail look. For a Winter look, wear it dark with a glided tip or experiment with corals and pastels teamed with rose gold cuticle moons or cold sliver tips for your Summer style.

The ORLY Graphic French

For a graphic look that is completely wearable, the ORLY Graphic French is all about subtle design on the cuticle moon. Add an accent on each finger, adorn the cuticle with prismatic triangles, asymmetrical shapes or perfectly placed dots. Keep the smile line simple in white or black and the space in between negative and bare. 

The ORLY She Said Yes French

A soft update to the classic bright white and baby pink original French Manicure by Jeff Pink, the ORLY 'She Said Yes!' creates a delicate look by softening the tip link and blurring the lines in an ombre effect. Use soft pink nudes and off whites whilst adding shimmering hints of glitter on the cuticle to add sparkle for those engagement ring selfies or for the big day itself. 

The ORLY Anti-French

For the girl who would never be seen dead in a traditional French Manicure, the ORLY Anti French is all about colour blocking, clashing hues and crystal piercings. Be the opposite of obvious by focussing the detail on the cuticle rather than the tip. This look is for the daring and the brave (just don't mention the F word

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    Genius Brush boasts 600 bristles per brush and a fan-shape that 'hugs' the cuticle to help you achieve full coverage.

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