Introducing CARMEX Peach & Mango Burst

Let us introduce you to CARMEX Peach and Mango Burst, the juicy CARMEX cousin all the way from the tropics. She’s fresh and she’s fruity, she’s juicy as a peach – and she’s far too hot to tingle. Cheat on CARMEX Original for a fun and frivolous summer fling, andenjoy an entirely new and unexpected lip sensation…

CARMEX® Peach & Mango Burst is a delicious mouth-watering combination of peach blended with the sweet burst of juicy mango for a fruity fix, creating the perfect lip balm cocktail.

The “tingle-free” formula offers the same moisturising and soothing benefits of CARMEX original, but without the cooling ingredients of menthol and camphor – for those who prefer a lip balm with a little less tingling.

Used on its own to give a fresh and natural appearance, or as a lipstick undercoat or sealant, CARMEX is the ultimate in American cool and the no-nonsense way to soothe dry, chapped lips.

CARMEX Peach & Mango Burst will be available to buy soon!