Gigi Charcoal  Wax Charcoal Detox Hard Wax 13oz

Gigi Charcoal Wax Charcoal Detox Hard Wax 13oz

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Detox While You Wax

Introducing Gigi’s NEW Charcoal Detox Hard Wax, enriched with detoxifying ingredients that treat and protect the skin. Developed primarily for the face,
this dual-purpose product gently removes unwanted hair and unclogs pores for an enhanced waxing experience.


  • A detoxifying facial wax with a dual purpose: removes hair and unclogs pores.

  • Removes hair: Formulated specifically for facial waxing. Removes all facial hair from fine (peach fuzz) to stubborn facial hair

  • Unclogs pores: Designed to gently exfoliate skin buildup and pull out impurities

  • Contains three powerful key ingredients: Bamboo Charcoal, Willow Bark and Zinc Oxide

  • No muslin strips needed

Directions of use

    Willow Bark Extract
    • Rich in anti-oxidants, helps reduce redness in skin
    • Helps to exfoliate your skin by sloughing off dead skin cells, making way for fresh, bright and radiant skin

    Bamboo Charcoal
    • Drawing impurities and toxins from deep within your pores with its powerful absorption properties
    • Deeply cleanses and detoxifies skin

    Zinc Oxide
    • Protects and soothes skin from irritation and redness
    • Excellent barrier and cushion for skin