ibd Bring Back The Favourites 

As our seasonal collections are limited editions, we know how frustrating it can be for you geeks when you fall in love with a colour and then can’t reorder.

So with this in mind, we asked you on our ibd Nail Systems UK Facebook page which Just Gel Polish shades from past seasonal collections are you #ibdfavs and which shades you would bring back if you could.

We listened to the most frequently asked for colours and that’s why we’ve decided to bring back 4 Just Gel Polish shades for summer 2016:

  • Sanskrit from the Calligraffiti collection
  • Gala-vant from the Social Lights collection
  • Ooh La Lace from the Neo Romantique collection
  • Carte Blanche from the Haute Frost collection

All perfect shades for creating that flawless summer mani!