ibd Just Gel Polish Design Course

Gel Polish Design Course

Nail art has always been a popular add-on service but has been made increasingly fashionable thanks to celebrities wearing unique nail art designs. Learn how to use your gel polish to create intricate nail art designs and introduce this popular service to your treatment menu.


Students taking part in this course should already be proficient in applying gel polish. ORLY gel Fx, and ibd just gel polish will be used within this course.

What will I learn?

  • Linear/striping
  • Ombre/colour fade
  • Marbling
  • Dotting including flowers/paw prints and hearts
  • Drag through techniques
  • Bubbles/snakeskin effect
  • Mattify techniques
  • Colour mixing
  • Free hand design
  • Techniques learned may vary slightly dependant on skill levels of individuals.

What will I receive?

Gel polish design certificate

How long will it take?

Full day 10-4pm

Qualifications needed to attend this course

Gel polish qualification