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May 17th 2016 by Graftons

Going Prescriptive with nailtiques

Are your clients lusting for long healthy nails? As you know, long, strong nails do not just happen, they must be treated on a regular basis. nailtiques is a prescriptive nail care system which was developed to provide the best nail care treatments. It is proven to deliver results.

Client Consultation

To effectively prescribe nailtiques to clients it is important that you get to know your client and their nails. To do this, you need to carry out a consultation.

Getting to know your client
For the first part of the consultation you should ask your client a few questions. Asking these questions will help you to determine what your client’s external environment is like and will highlight any other areas which may play havoc with the nailtiques treatment programme.

See examples of consultation questions below:

  • What do you expect or want your nails to look like through the nailtiques treatment?
  • What is your diet like?
  • Do you go swimming or put your hands in water on a regular basis?
  • Are you using any products/treatments on your hands?

Getting to know your client’s nails
Next you need to analyse your client’s nails. We like to categorise clients’ nails into the following:

Healthy nails – These are nails which look pink and are flexible.

Soft, peeling and weak nails – These are nails which are thin to touch and often flaking or peeling at the ends

Hard, dry or ridged nails – These are nails which often break and split low down. Post and menopausal nails often fall into this category.

After artificial treatment (up to six weeks after artificial removal) – These are nails which have had artificial enhancements removed are often excessively soft and peeling. These nails are thin, almost paper-like and split easily.

Prescribing nailtiques

Once the consultation is complete and you’ve analysed which nail type your client falls into, you can prescribe the nailtiques Formulas you feel is best suited to your client. The correct Formula to be used for each nail type is shown below:

B2B Going Prescriptive with nailtiques

Nail Analysis After Six Weeks of Treatment

After your client has been using nailtiques for six weeks it is important that they come back to you for a check-up. This nail analysis….

Is your nailtiques training up to date?
As a nailtiques therapist, training is a vital tool to help you correctly prescribe the best solution for your clients’ nails. Refresher training is advised annually. Don’t forget, all new therapists need to ensure they have received training from one of our nailtiques expert educators.

Posted on 17th of May 2016 by Graftons

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