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July 14th 2016 by Graftons

ibd Just Tints Step by Steps Part 1

We were so excited when ibd Just Tints landed here at Graftons International that we couldn’t wait to get started trying out these fab new Just Gel Polishes.

ibd Just Tints is a collection of four gel polish formulas which apply beautifully sheer with a high shine. Each shade can be worn on it’s own for a sheer look, or layered over a Just Gel Polish to create some stunning nail art designs. So, read on as we show you how to create three amazing nail art designs with ibd Just Tints.

Before creating each of these looks, ensure nails are prepped in the following way:

1. Use cuticle pusher for dry cuticle prep and to remove non living tissue from nail plate
2. Shape nails with 180 grit Emerald file
3. Gently buff nails with Diamond buffer
4. Dust with sanitised manicure brush, or wipe with an IBD nail wipe to remove dust
5. Apply 1 coat of Power Bond and allow to dry (please note it will still look shiny)




Which of these nail art looks is your favourite? Check back here for more ibd Just Tints Nail Art Step by Steps soon. In the mean time geeks, get creating! Remember to share your Just Tints looks with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you’d like to further your nail art expertise we do have nail art courses available from £55+VAT. For more information, please contact us on 01827 253 302 or email


Posted on 14th of July 2016 by Graftons

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