ORLY Marketing Epix Gift Bag

ORLY Marketing Epix Gift Bag

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Perfectly branded for your retail offering, these black EPIX gift bags are the perfect size for EPIX Duo's

Directions of use

    What is the application process? Proper preparation is key to avoid service breakdown. With every EPIX Flexible Colour Manicure, itメs important to conduct a dry manicure before applying colour. ユ Prep Step: Prep the nail (Dry Manicure)
    ? Shape & push back cuticles, nip if needed, buff & brush off the nail particles
    ? Dehydrate the nail with 3-in-1 Gel FX Cleanser or with 99% alcohol
    ユ Step 1- Apply two even coats of EPIX Flexible Colour for full coverage.
    ユ Step 2- Apply one coat of Flexible Sealcoat.
    ユ Wait 8 minutes for the product to set.
    Note, smudges will continue to self-repair until the Flexible Colour is fully dry


    Formulated without DBP, Formaldehyde and Toulene. ORLY is Camphor Free, Animal Bi-product Free & Free from Animal Testing