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Our Story

At Grafton International we scour the globe to bring you the best in bath, body, nail care, skin care and waxing products.

Founded in 1985 by Pat and Gareth Hardwick, Grafton International is and always will be a family run company with the cultural ethos to match. Turning beauty on its head, gone are the days of using products that are only ever average at best. We bring you the products that work from the brands we fell in love with.

Many of those brands that without us may never make it to the UK and make beauty as diverse as it should be . You may know us for our famed brands including Carmex, ORLY, Kneipp, Rose & Co, ibd, EzFlow, nailtiques, Badger Balm, clean+easy, Gigi and the list continues.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and range from small independent stores and salons to larger chains such as Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and Waitrose.

Distributing retail and salon professional brands alike - Grafton’s excellent reputation spans over 25 years. With a team of over 70, we are an experienced bunch of individuals who are committed to providing best in class service. From our dedicated customer service team to our education experts, from are hardworking warehouse team to our experienced sales team, from our financial wizards to our dazzling inhouse PR & Marketing Team our commitment to our customers is unrivalled.

Each of our carefully chosen partners share our values and have a wonderful story and history to match. Our extensive portfolio is growing all the time, sourcing new and exciting products from around the world, if you have a recommendation for a brand we should partner with please email sales@graftons.co.uk.

Our History

Grafton International was established in 1985 by Pat and Gareth Hardwick – here’s Pat’s story.

"Grafton was born in 1985, just after my husband and I, and our son Jon returned from living in the USA. Whilst there, I discovered a wonderful product -- a nail strengthener called Develop 10. Upon my return to England, I discovered that there was nothing quite like it on the market, so my husband, Gareth and I decided to import the brand and began UK distribution. Initially I worked alone from home but the business was growing so fast that within 18 months Gareth joined me, and the business continued to flourish. In 1993, my son Jon, a graduate in Accounting joined the company.

This was also the year we moved into our first premises in Shenstone, however within six months, we had already out-grown this building and had to move to a larger site. Grafton (which then became Grafton International) was growing immensely so Gareth's god daughter, Sue Davies and her husband Nathan (who had been working with a brand called European Touch from their home town of Newport) decided to re-locate to the Midlands to join the business.”

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