About Professional Brands

Grafton International supply only extraordinary health and beauty brands for Professionals. If you are a Salon, Spa, Nail Tech or College Student, we have an array of products just for you.

Stock up on professional gel polish from ORLY and IBD or specialist nail treatments for strong, health nails from Nailtiques. Create the unimaginable with EzFlow acrylic nail systems.

Looking for professional skin care? Try Pharmagel, anti-aging skin care available in professional and retail sizes. Create show stopping, jaw dropping lashes for your clients using professional eyelash extension products from The Eyelash Emporium. Discover easy and effective hair removal from our professional wax brands Gigi and Clean + Easy.

Explore our expertly selected, signature health and beauty product that define each of our professional brands.


ibd Nail Systems sets the standard for innovation. A brand trusted by beauty professionals. ibd offers a complete range for nail technicians, including iconic gel nail polish in Just Gel Polish, Builder Gels, Advanced Wear Pro Lacquer and Nail Acrylic and Tools.

For over 40 years, ibd has set the standard for salon innovation and excellence in professional nail products. Backed by its very own Geek Clique, ibd continues to be the first choice for many professionals. Switch and love ibd today.


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 ORLY, it all starts with innovation.

Developers of the Original French Manicure® to cutting-edge Nail Colour and Treatments. ORLY has been turning industry heads with innovative products, colour expertise and an unwavering commitment to Salon Professional and Nail Technicians. 

ORLYs latest innovation includes Gel FX, vitamin infused Gel Polish and EPIX, smudge fixing flexible polish, applies like a nail polish, looks like gel polish.


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Nailtiquesis an award winning nail care system for prespective nail treatments, proven to deliver strong and healthy nails.

Whether you want to maintain your nails or restore weak, brittle and dry nails, nailtiques’ unique Protein Formula delivers stunning and effective results through working in synergy with the natural nail.

As well as our signature formulas we offer a rich range of protein enriched and conditioning Nail Colours, Hand and Foot Treatments. All of them formulated and designed to work together as a total manicure and pedicure regime.


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EzFlow, created by Nail Techs for Nail Techs. 

EzFlow has formulated a range of Acrylic & Monomer and Fibreglass systems for the nail industry using the latest technology available. The French White Tip, Coloured and Glitter Acrylics, are only some of the revolutionary products EzFlow have brought to market.



The Eyelash Emporium

Developed backstage at the iconic Pinewood studio, The Eyelash Emporium developed a high quality professional semi-permeant eyelash extension products and training for Lash Technicians to achieve the perfect Indivdual and Russian Volume XD lash looks.

Discover Eyelash Extensions, Professional Eyelash Extension Adhesives and Treatment Prep.


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Pharmagel is a high quality pharmaceutical grade, age defying skincare range. Developed through scientific research that topically applied vitamins and natural plant derived antioxidants could dramatically prevent and repair skin damage.

The professional skin care range includes Age Defying Cleansers & Toners, Exfoliation, Masques and Eye Care.

The range is hypoallergenic, paraben free and 100% vegan.


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Discover GiGi, Worldwide #1 Best Selling Wax Brand.

GiGi is a unique warm waxing range made from pure clove honey which is luxurious and rich, has a pleasant aroma and is soft and gentle on the skin.

GiGi gives clients a completely unique, personal and prescriptive wax experience. Its high quality formulas and wide range of Pot Wax, Paraffin Wax, No Bump and Waxing Essentials have given it an excellent reputation in the industry.


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Clean + Easy

Reveal smooth results with Clean + Easy.

Waxing is one of the most popular of all salon treatments, and with more clients waiting waxing treatments regularly and quickly, every second counts.

Did you know that Clean + Easy Roller Wax is 30% quicker than Pot Wax?

Discover the range of Paraffin WaxWaxing Essentials and much more.


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Mine Tan

Meet your perfect shade match with MineTan, 1 hour express tan skin tone replication, coming soon to Graftons.

Like choosing yor hair colour or cosmetics, select from MineTan’s colour base tan range to replicate different exotic skin tones from around the world. From olive to Brazilian, you can now be any skin tone, regardless of your skin type.


Launching 1st August 2017