Whether you are a college student, salon, spa, wholesale or nail tech we have a whole array of professional products just for you.

Discover easy and effective hair removal from GiGi and clean+easy. Stock up on gel polishes from ibd and ORLY. Create the unimaginable with EzFlow and help clients grow long, strong healthy nails with nailtiques.

Explore our expert edit of our best signature products that define each of our professional brands.

GiGi Crème Wax Milk Chocolate (14oz) Trade: £7.95 RRP: £7.35

Code: GG251

GiGi Crème Wax (14oz) You need to login to see product price

Code: GG260

GiGi Waxing Kit Brazilian Trade: £60.50 RRP: £59.95

Code: GG150

Gigi Bleaching Cream Face, Arms Legs Trade: £6.75 RRP: £6.75

Code: GG440

GiGi Sure Clean for Equipment (16oz) Trade: £5.95 RRP: £5.50

Code: GG750

GiGi Wax Warmer Trade: £39.00 RRP: £36.50

Code: GG225

Gigi Accu Edge Applicators Large (100pk) Trade: £1.75 RRP: £1.75

Code: GG420

Gigi Wax Microwave Kit Brazilian Bikini Trade: £15.95 RRP: £15.56

Code: GG911

GiGi Wax Off (8oz) Trade: £3.95 RRP: £3.95

Code: GG880

Gigi Muslin Strips Large (100pk) Trade: £5.95 RRP: £5.95

Code: GG610

Gigi Accu Edge Applicators Small (100pk) Trade: £1.35 RRP: £1.35

Code: GG430

GiGi All Purpose Wax Honee (14oz) Trade: £6.95 RRP: £5.50

Code: GG330

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