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About Clean+Easy

Reveal Smooth Results with waxing. Waxing is one of the most popular of all salon treatments and with more and more clients wanting waxing treatments regularly and quickly, every second counts. Did you know that clean+easy roller waxing is 30% quicker than pot wax? By using roller wax you could increase your revenue as well as customer satisfaction. Make waxing simple with clean+easy.

Second to None Precision

No other system has four roller heads for precise application for all areas of the body. clean+easy roller heads give sharp lines and smooth results, they’re great for precision waxing on all areas, from facial and eyebrow shaping to leg and underarm waxing. Our precision method means less waste and more profit.


clean+easy roller heads are completely hygienic as no wax is returned back inside the cartridge after contact with the skin. Roller head are inter-changeable between services meaning each client can be assured there will be no cross contamination.

30% Quicker Than Pot Wax

The roller waxing method allows you to apply wax at a faster rate, saving you time and increasing your client turnaround. The clean+easy system is 30% faster than pot wax. 

No Wastage

The clean+easy roller wax system applies super thin, this means there is no wastage of product which equals more profit. Applying the product thin also offers the client a comfortable, less painful experience so everyone’s a winner!