Clean+Easy Paraffin Wax

Discover our selection of hydrating clean+easy hydrating paraffin waxes. Each paraffin wax has been created with a different need in mind. So whether your client was to detoxify, energise or rehydrate their skin, there's an option for them.

clean+easy Paraffin Wax Calm (475ml) Trade: £6.50 RRP: £6.50

Code: CL131

clean+easy Paraffin Wax Energise (475ml) Trade: £6.40 RRP: £6.40

Code: CL140

clean+easy Paraffin Wax Detoxify (475ml) Trade: £6.30 RRP: £5.95

Code: CL145

clean+easy Paraffin Protectors (100pk) Trade: £8.60 RRP: £8.60

Code: CL121

clean+easy Insulating Mitts Hand (1 pair) Trade: £10.25 RRP: £10.25

Code: CL122

clean+easy Paraffin Wax Hemp (475ml) Trade: £7.00 RRP: £7.00

Code: CL165

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