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Known for its ability to enable artistic expression, if you can imagine it, you can create it with EzFlow. This elite brand has been developing competition standard products using the latest technologies and research to stay on top of trends. Our EzFlow range includes acrylic systems, acrylic powder, HD acrylic powders and monomers, coloured acrylic collections, individual coloured acrylic powders, fiberglass, tips and accessories.

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EzFlow Pro Pusher Trade: £6.49 RRP: £6.49

Code: EA041

EzFlow Acrylic Kit Sample Size Trade: £1.49 RRP: £1.49

Code: EA052

EzFlow Buffer Killer Whale Way 3 Way Pro Trade: £0.99 RRP: £0.99

Code: EA058

EzFlow Buffer Snow Monkey Trade: £1.31 RRP: £1.31

Code: EA059

EzFlow Acrylic Kit Pro Starter Kit Trade: £13.75 RRP: £13.75

Code: EA061

EZ Flow Buffer Pro Shiner Trade: £1.47 RRP: £1.47

Code: EA064

EzFlow Kit Fibreglass Silk Wrap Trade: £15.00 RRP: £15.00

Code: EA065

EzFlow Acrylic Coloured Powder Brick House (1oz) Trade: £4.13 RRP: £4.13

Code: EB008

EzFlow Acrylic Collection Dare to be Dazzling Trade: £13.00 RRP: £13.00

Code: EB031

EzFlow Acrylic Collection Earthstones Trade: £11.75 RRP: £11.75

Code: EB033

EzFlow Acrylic Collection Gemstones Trade: £11.75 RRP: £11.75

Code: EB034

EzFlow Perfection Tips French White 100ct Trade: £2.50 RRP: £2.50

Code: EC115

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