EzFlow Primers, Base Coats & Top Coats - 50% OFF

50% OFF EZFLOW PRODUCTS ONLINE.* Explore EzFlow Primers, Base Coats & Top Coats. Prime and prep the nail to ensure maximum adhesion to discourage any pop-offs or lifting. While our top coats dry in seconds to leave nails looking glossy. *T&Cs Apply.

EzFlow Non-Acid Primer (0.5oz) Trade: £4.97 RRP: £9.95

Code: EA034

EzFlow Speed Finish UV Top Coat (0.5oz) Trade: £3.75 RRP: £7.50

Code: EC145

Out of stock

EzFlow EzBond (0.5oz) Trade: £2.75 RRP: £5.50

Code: EA033

Out of stock

Ezflow Top Coat UV-30 (0.5oz) Trade: £4.62 RRP: £9.25

Code: EA035

Out of stock

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