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Gigi is the #1 selling hair removal wax in the world, it was founded by Ligia who saw the need for a safe, comfortable method of removing unwanted hair and so created Gigi. Gigi is committed to providing professional grade products to help you grow your business. Gigi wax utilises natural ingredients to deliver benefits to the skin and promise smooth results. Our Gigi range includes soft and hard waxes, pre and post waxing products, and waxing accessories.

GiGi Flex Wax Coconut Honee Wax 13oz Trade: £8.95 RRP: £8.95

Code: GG0349

GiGi Waxing Kit Brazilian Trade: £60.50 RRP: £59.95

Code: GG150

GiGi Pro Kit Honee Mini Trade: £60.50 RRP: £54.95

Code: GG140

GiGi Wax Warmer Trade: £39.00 RRP: £36.50

Code: GG225

GiGi Crème Wax Milk Chocolate (14oz) Trade: £7.95 RRP: £7.35

Code: GG251

GiGi Creme Wax Tea Tree (14oz) Trade: £6.95 RRP: £5.95

Code: GG240

GiGi All Purpose Wax Honee (14oz) Trade: £6.95 RRP: £5.50

Code: GG330

GiGi Brazilian Wax Hard (14oz) Trade: £7.95 RRP: £7.45

Code: GG899

GiGi Crème Wax (14oz) You need to login to see product price

Code: GG260

Gigi Microwavable Wax Formula Brazilian Bikini (8oz) Trade: £6.95 RRP: £5.81

Code: GG912

Gigi Accu Edge Applicators Small (100pk) Trade: £1.35 RRP: £1.35

Code: GG430

Gigi Accu Edge Applicators Large (100pk) Trade: £1.75 RRP: £1.75

Code: GG420

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