GiGi Wax Essentials

Discover all the kit you need to provide a complete waxing service from our selection of GiGi Waxing Essentials. From applicators, to muslin strips and cleaning products.

Gigi Accu Edge Applicators Small (100pk) Trade: £1.35 RRP: £1.35
Gigi Muslin Strips Large (100pk) Trade: £5.95 RRP: £5.95
Gigi Surgi Cloth Large (100pk) Trade: £4.90 RRP: £4.90
Gigi Accu Edge Applicators Large (100pk) Trade: £1.75 RRP: £1.75
GiGi Sure Clean for Equipment (16oz) Trade: £5.95 RRP: £5.95
Gigi Muslin Strips Small (100pk) Trade: £2.60 RRP: £2.60

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