About MineTan

MineTan formulas are specifically designed to be different and applicable to all skin types. MineTan use unique technologies such as one hour tanning, Colour Base TansUltra Dark Tan, industry first Hydration Based Tans and revolutionary dry oil formulas.

MineTan spray tans are specially formulated to deliver superior results;

  • A tan that’s composed of naturally derived ingredients using PETA approved ingredient
  • Exclusive fast acting formula for quick, deeper and darker results
  • Intense, even and natural colour from your first application
  • Makes the skin immediately smooth, velvety and delicately soft
  • A skin therapy treatment increasing the skin’s hydration and moisture
  • Containing a proprietary odour inhibitor eliminating the fake tan smell
  • No parabens, mineral oils, harmful glycols or sulphates

Perfect for your salon, spa and mobile tanning technicians.

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MineTan Fast Acting 1 Hour Tans

MineTan’s 1 Hour Tans deliver the fastest, darkest and longest lasting result available.

The 1  hour formula contains Fast Tanning Actives with Quad Bronzing Technology to speed up the tanning process. DHA Tanning Actives are combined with powerful antioxidants, including rich luxe oils, botanical fruit extracts and silky amino acids to help the tan develop faster, absorb deeper into the skin and create a deep dark natural colour that lasts longer.


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Intense Hydration Skin Therapy Treatment

Hydration based tans are MineTan’s way of giving back to your skin, with benefit packed coconut water, dry oil, and argan oil bases, this range of tanning products is more like a day at the spa than simply a gorgeous tan. 


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Ultra-Dark Tan

Want to be extremely dark? Absolutely…Not to be doubted.

MineTan’s Absolute 1 Hour Tan delivers the most extreme dark tan that is truly one of a kind. Melanin Activating Intensifiers are combined with naturally derived ERO-CERT Approved DHA tan actives to produce a faster tan while stimulating skin cells to boost colour within the skin. 


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Perfect Your Tan

MineTan gives you the ability to offer your clients something to take home to boost, prolong or touch up their tan for one right only.

These instant tans have no DHA added, so they won’t stain the skin. Transfer and moisture resistant, these instant fashionable colours won’t rub off on your clothes or run their the rain.

Our finishing products are made from 100% natural ingredients, PETA approved, and vegan.


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Bronze Babe

Create Custom Blend Tones

MineTan technicians can mix up MineTan Professional Solutions to make a cocktail blend to create customer tones for an individual colour, tailored to your desired skin finishing result.

All MineTan solutions have difference benefits, so why not mix them together and create your own ‘Super Tan’ blend.


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Understand Colour Base Tans

Learn more about colour base tans with sn explanation of levels and tones to help you get the perfect shade of ‘brown’, every time.

Much like hair colour, colour base tan replicates different tones of brown. To selec your preferred MineTan product, you first need to choose your level of colour and then the tone and finish you wish to achieve. 


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