ORLY was created by nail experts for nail experts. For over 30 years, ORLY has been turning industry heads with innovative products, colour expertise and an unwavering commitment to salon professionals. Offering a complete nail system, ORLY is used backstage at London Fashion Week and regularly seen in Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Glamour. Turn heads with ORLY. Our ORLY range includes lacquers, EPIX, Gel FX polishes and kits, treatments, LED lamps and accessories.

ORLY Nail Polish Darlings Of Defiance 4pc Mini Kit Trade: £9.00 RRP: £15.00

Code: OB194

ORLY Gel FX Darlings Of Defiance 6pc Trade: £64.75 RRP: £64.75

Code: OX35023

ORLY Gel FX Body Guard 6pc Display Trade: £149.75 RRP: £149.75

Code: OX31034

ORLY Nail Polish Darlings Of Defiance 18pc Collection Trade: £82.50 RRP: £198.00

Code: OP696

ORLY Gel FX Body Guard - 18ml Trade: £29.95 RRP: £29.95

Code: OX3400

ORLY Gel FX Easy-off basecoat 9ml Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX4700

ORLY Gel FX Top coat (9ml) Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX4210

ORLY Gel FX Base coat (9ml) Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX4110

ORLY Gel FX White Tips (9ml) Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX0011

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