ORLY New Neutrals

Fall comfort meets modern luxury in this update to the classic autumn palette. With shades reflective of the leaves turning from their bright hues to their more subdued shades, these colours seamlessly blend into the natural world while remaining exquisitely vivid in tone. We’ve created a muted brick red, an earthy rosy pink, and a dusty olive green, each inspired by the impressive display of colours put on by fall each year.

ORLY Gel FX New Neutral Spring 2018 Trade: £64.75 RRP: £64.75

Code: OX35000

ORLY Nail Polish New Neutral 4pc Mini kit Your Price: £5.00

Trade: £9.00 RRP: £15.00

Code: OB197

ORLY Gel FX Seize the clay 9ml Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX005P

ORLY Gel FX Mauvelous 9ml Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX004P

ORLY Gel FX Snuggle up 9ml Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX003P

ORLY Gel FX Cashmere crisis 9ml Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX002P

ORLY Gel FX Fall into me 9ml Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX001P

ORLY Gel FX Olive you kelly 9ml Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX000P

ORLY Nail polish Seize the clay 18ml Your Price: £3.00

Trade: £5.50 RRP: £11.00

Code: OA005P

ORLY Nail polish Mauvelous 18ml Your Price: £3.00

Trade: £5.50 RRP: £11.00

Code: OA004P

ORLY Nail polish Snuggle up 18ml Your Price: £3.00

Trade: £5.50 RRP: £11.00

Code: OA003P

ORLY Nail polish Fall into me 18ml Your Price: £3.00

Trade: £5.50 RRP: £11.00

Code: OA001P

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