ORLY Gel FX Colour

Discover our ORLY Gel FX Colour range. Available in a selection of colours from sophisticated neutrals, to glittering metallics and vibrant shades our ORLY Gel FX. Give your clients a wide choice of gel polishes enriched with vitamins for a gel polish which lasts up to 3 weeks.

ORLY Gel FX Special £ Multi-Chromatic Gel FX 6pc Trade: £79.75 RRP: £79.75

Code: OX5009

ORLY Gel FX Special £ Tropical Pop Gel FX 9ml Trade: £4.00 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX497

ORLY Gel FX Beach Cruiser (9ml) Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX760

ORLY Gel FX Berry Blast (9ml) Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX501

ORLY Gel FX Special £ Buried Treasure (9ml) Trade: £4.00 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX181

ORLY Gel FX Catch the Bouquet (9ml) Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX090

ORLY Gel FX Coffee Break (9ml) Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX575

ORLY Gel FX Country Club Khaki (9ml) Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX702

ORLY Gel FX Crawford’s Wine (9ml) Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX053

ORLY Gel FX First Kiss (9ml) Trade: £12.95 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX675

ORLY Gel FX Special £ Flagstone Rush (9ml) Trade: £4.00 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX215

ORLY Gel FX Special £ Glitz (9ml) Trade: £4.00 RRP: £12.95

Code: OX487

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