ORLY Builder In A Bottle

Ditch The Pots And Tubes. All In One Soak-Off Sculpting Gel For Nail Extensions.

Soak-off sculpting gel for nail extension. Applies like a soft gel, wears like a hard gel, and soaks-off when ready to remove. Effortless, all-in-one, brush-on builder application offers flawless, longer, more natural looking nails.

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ORLY Gel FX Builder In A Bottle - .6 Fl Oz (Open Stock) Trade: £39.50 RRP: £39.50

Code: OX3300

ORLY Gel FX Nail Forms 300pcs (Dispensing Box) Trade: £25.00 RRP: £25.00

Code: OX3355

ORLY Gel FX Builder in a bottle - Intro Kit Trade: £75.00 RRP: £75.00

Code: OX33104

ORLY Gel FX 6pc Builder Display Trade: £237.00 RRP: £237.00

Code: OX3310

ORLY Gel FX Builder - Pro Zebra Files (5pcs Shrink Wrapped) Trade: £15.00 RRP: £15.00

Code: OX3351

ORLY Gel FX Builder Buffer 180/110grit (5pcs Shrinked Wrapped) Trade: £15.00 RRP: £15.00

Code: OX3352

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