Tools, Files & Cuticle Care

Every nail technician needs a set of quality nail tools and accessories to aid them in creating the perfect manicure or pedicure. Our selection of nail tools has everything you need from prepprng nails, to finishing nails to removing. Clip, trim and shape nails and cuticles to perfection.

ibd Artistic Brush Oval Peach Trade: £25.50 RRP: £25.50
ibd Artistic Brush Blue Long Trade: £21.50 RRP: £21.50
ibd Silicone Design Tool Cup Chisel Brush Trade: £10.00 RRP: £10.00
ibd Silicone Design Tool Flat Chisel Brush Trade: £10.00 RRP: £10.00
ibd Spatula Metal Trade: £7.25 RRP: £7.25
ORLY Gel FX Dry Brush Trade: £3.00 RRP: £3.00
ibd Pinching Tongs Trade: £5.75 RRP: £5.75
ibd C-Curve Sticks Trade: £23.50 RRP: £23.50
ibd Nail Wipes Trade: £5.25 RRP: £5.25
ibd Nail Sculpting Forms Trade: £13.95 RRP: £13.95
ibd Professional Gel Brush Clear Handle Trade: £15.00 RRP: £15.00
Ez Flow Gel It Brush Square Trade: £25.50 RRP: £25.50
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