The Eyelash Emporium B-Curl Tray Lashes  0.10mm, 8mm, 'Mink'

The Eyelash Emporium B-Curl Tray Lashes 0.10mm, 8mm, 'Mink'

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If you find it difficult to work with individual eyelash extensions that come in pots or jars then our tray lashes are perfect for you. We are able to offer our popular B-Curl lash extensions in a variety of lengths and sizes, all situated on an adhesive strip. This allows technicians to pick up each lash easily and therefore minimises the application time, giving you the time to complete even more treatments and make a great return on investment. You can either pull a strip of lashes and stick it to the back of your hand for the application, or you can pick the lashes up directly from the tray, whatever you find suits you best. With the B-Curl 'Mink' tray extensions available in a large variety of lengths and thicknesses, you can create whatever look your client desires and one which will suit their specific eye shape. The lashes are made from a 100% synthetic advanced PBT polymer which is designed to be flexible, strong and able to bond perfectly with our range of specially formulated adhesives.

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