The Eyelash Emporium D-Curl Tray Lashes 0.15mm, 14mm, 'Mink'

The Eyelash Emporium D-Curl Tray Lashes 0.15mm, 14mm, 'Mink'

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D-Curl 100% Synthetic 'Mink' eyelash extensions presented in strips for quick and easy pickup. D-Curl 'Mink' Tray lash extensions are a great timesaver, giving the eyelash extension technician the option of either pulling a strip of lashes and sticking it to the back of their hand when applying, or picking individual lashes straight from the tray. The D-Curl is very popular as it is the curviest of curls, giving the ultimate glam look for any client. This is perfect for a special occasion or a holiday when you really want to make an impression and stand out from the crowd. Our 'Mink' tray lashes are made from a 100% synthetic material that is flexible yet strong, giving a brilliant result for the client and an easy application for the technician. Choose from a number of thicknesses and lengths, mix and match and order multiple of your clients favourites to make sure that you always have the lashes to cater to all of their desires.

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