The Eyelash Emporium Behind The Scenes Therma-Hygrometer

The Eyelash Emporium Behind The Scenes Therma-Hygrometer

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Keep an Eye on the Conditions in Your Treatment Room with this Easy to Read Hygrometer. Temperature and humidity can make a huge difference to how your glue sets and therefore the final product. A large amount of our customers love our hygrometers because they alert when the temperature and humidity are likely to cause a problem. When the pointer moves to the red or dark blue zone you know that your glue is going to behave differently and therefore you can take the steps to rectify the situation before any problems occur. Eyelash glues rely on moisture and temperature to cure, but too much humidity can make fast glues difficult to work with. Our glues are designed to work their best at room temperature (19º - 24ºC) and average humidity (40% - 70%). You can use humidifiers, dehumidifiers or air conditioning to control your environment, but some find that switching to Medium glue on hot and humid days helps.

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