The Eyelash Emporium Props On-Point Individual Straight Tweezers

The Eyelash Emporium Props On-Point Individual Straight Tweezers

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Stainless Steel Straight or Curved Tweezers - Each Sold Separately. Choose from Straight or Curved Tweezers to suit all your eyelash extension tweezer requirements. Our range of eyelash extension tweezers is constructed from high quality, surgical grade stainless steel and is suitable for sterilisation after each treatment. They have been designed with a light 'action' specifically to prevent repetitive strain injury from use in the eyelash extension technician's forefinger and thumb as this can become a problem later down the line for some people after years of carrying out the same movement.
We searched hard to find tweezers with the right balance of quality and value that are suited perfectly to lash extensions and this range performed better than tweezers many times the price. Our X-Tweezer incorporates a slimmer design for finer control. The curved tweezers have a 45º tip angle. The straight tweezers are classic 'needle' nose design. All of the above tweezers are 140mm in length.