Tweezers - xD Pickup

Tweezers - xD Pickup

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The Best Tweezers for xD, 6D and Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Applications. We love these tweezers because the angled precision chisel tip is perfect for picking up and fanning ultra-fine gauge lashes (0.06mm, 0.07mm) without causing any damage to them. These are similar to the Eyelash Addict volume tweezers but have a more angled tip so that you can see the glue bond easily. If you currently use straight tweezers for pick-up, once you get used to these tweezers you will find it difficult to work without them specifically on ultra fine lashes as they can have such a positive impact. The groove in the neck of these tweezers allows them to close flat at the tip without putting too much pressure on the lash which gives the best results possible. Created from Matt Stainless Steel, these tweezers have been designed to have a light spring action making each application easier.