The Eylash Emporium Tray Lashes C-Curl, 0.20mm, Mixed Lengths, 'Mink'

The Eylash Emporium Tray Lashes C-Curl, 0.20mm, Mixed Lengths, 'Mink'

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A great Introduction to 'Mink' Tray Lashes - 9 Different Lengths in Each Pack. Our mixed size 'Mink' eyelash extensions come with an incredible 16 lines of strip eyelash extensions, with a range of lengths in each tray. The 100% synthetic material of these eyelashes has been produced specifically so the eyelash extensions have a soft 'mink' or 'silky' feel to them, whilst still retaining their strength so they can be pulled from the adhesive strip without snapping. Many eyelash extension technicians have a preference for 'Mink' eyelash extensions as it removes the need to set up the eyelash extensions on a silicone pad prior to each client. Simply stick to the adhesive strip to the back of your hand and peel off each individual eyelash as required - simple! These trays are great for those who are new to 'Mink' eyelashes, or for those who would like to add a variety of eyelash extensions to each client without having to purchase 9 individual semi permanent eyelash extension trays.

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